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          Year after year, discussion of zakat has been consuming a lot of energy, time and mind. However each month where Muslims are present obligation to pay zakat, zakat management system back on traditional ways, which is just a duty of zakat distribution is far from the mission and vision of charity as it should.

            Extraordinary potential of zakat if the amil zakat would awake a little to understand the function of the zakat funds. Tradition of distributing zakat funds equally among the premises system for poor people (which is still regarded as an act of "FAIR", shall be quits. Committee should no longer impose itself on the many people who will be in santuni, but it must be proportional.

         If the ability of the committee / amil zakat funds amounting to only 10,000,000, and then distributed to one hundred people, so do not expect to eradicate poverty. . Funds for this would be meaningless if the maximum distributed to four recipients of zakat funds can then be used as initial capital for the venture - which is certainly below the target and the direction of the committee.

              This way in the early stages at least have raised four recipients of zakat in a region that is expected in the coming four of them have changed status from Zakat recipients into Zakat giver

          If something like this done on an ongoing basis insha Allah, the number of poor will decrease each year, otherwise the amount of zakat payers will increase.

               Insha Allah, this way it would be impractical, unnecessary operational costs, do not need a grand office, do not need to be salaried employees, who actually spent the charity's own funds.

However, if we live in primitive people, this kind of thinking going all-out opposition to the various arguments that they understand it. And more extreme, you are not going to participate next year as zakat committees. / Amil Zakat.

And Allaah knows best.

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