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SIGN LIGHTS INNOVATION AUTOMOTIVE (automotive safety and innovation timeline)


Submitted to the PT. ASTRA International Tbk
as a proposal to renew the system of flashing lights sign

Prepared by:

Sanusi Ibnu Alim

Consumer Products. PT.Astra Honda Motor Corporation, Jakarta Indonesia


A. Problem Background
Sign lights on motor vehicles is the completeness of the motor vehicle has a very vital function. How many motorists that a traffic accident caused by negligence in the use or lack of a functioning lamp sign.

Along with advances in the automotive industry which have an impact on traffic density, sign lights to further innovation in order to be a medium between the rider a more communicative.

Cue flashing lights with the same rhythm for a wide range of cues is often confusing to motorists, so motorists can only guess that there are vehicles in front of him with several possibilities such as going to move the strip, would want to turn around or parked at the curb because of one thing.

Noting this, the authors take the initiative to propose to the PT. ASTRA International Tbk, the largest motor vehicle manufacturer to hold a sign lighting system reform, because the lights in the existing sign is already driving less equipment needs.

B. Purpose of making proposals.
This proposal aims to provide input to the PT. ASTRA International Tbk, to provide extra services to customers of motor vehicles, to be more comfortable, orderly and safe driving.

C. Notices.
This proposal is not a requirement to study a rule that has become a tradition of the scientific world. This proposal is purely from a sense of concern for fellow motorists is free of plagiarism and the ethical practice of science that can be justified by law.


 A. Sign lights Existing Now

        Is a yellow blinking lights that serve as cues for motorists who will switch lane, turn left or right, turned around and parked on the roadside.
Governed by the sign lights up the lamp flasher that can blink speed is highly dependent on the size of a large-watt bulb is used.
Sein supporting components include:
A. Flasher
2. Switch sign
3. Bulb

Diagram sign lights

B. Proposed forms of innovation.

To avoid misunderstanding of the signal light on a motor vehicle, to the division of functions which include: 1) alert moving lane. 2) Sign turn left or turn right. 3) U-turn cues, and 4) Cues parked on the roadside.

A. Cue to move lanes.
Cue to move rows from the fast track to the slow lane or vice versa, and to precede the use of existing sign lighting system now that is, the tip - tip - tip - tip and so on (depending on the needs of the necessary signaling), which here is represented by a picture showing a yellow light is light and black light show lights are switched off.

2. Cues turn left and turn right.
Cues turn left or right turn sign lights blink twice, two times the tip tip - tip tip - tip tip and so on (depending on the signaling requirements necessary)

3. U-turn cues
U-turn or turn cue direction, sign lights blink three times and three times the tip tip tip - tip tip tip - tip tip tip and so on (depending on the signaling requirements necessary). So also what if the driver was about to park on the roadside sign blinking lights equated with U-turn sign, because it does not require contact with the rider in front of him.


As a member of the public using a motor vehicle, I often felt the misunderstandings on sign lighting cues in driving, especially public transport vehicles are most often stopped suddenly as it will raise the passenger or drop off passengers. This could cause an accident in the drive.

This proposal is a concern only for my comfort, order and safety of fellow motorists, both nationally and internationally. Hopefully in the future, traffic accidents are caused by misunderstanding sign light signals can be minimized.

With all humility, I beg to PT.ASTRA International Tbk, to restore this proposal if it is not acceptable.

Any deficiency in the usage of language and form of submission of this proposal I apologize.
Jakarta, June 1, 2012.

Sanusi ibn Alim

)*. A written proposal has been sent to the President Director of PT Astra International Tbk Jakarta.


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